Saturday, 30 November 2013


Shaver for Women

Panasonic close shaver is the one of shaver for women that operate very well on sensitive areas like bikini line and underarm. It offers better result as compare to other shaver. It is one of the important part of beauty care product.

Advance features of Panasonic electric shaver: -

  • up/ down floating head for closer shave
  • wet/dry application for foam shaving
  • for underarms, bikini lines, arms and legs
  • Pop-up internal blade for shaving of sensitive areas
  • Additional bikini comb attachment
  • Anti- slip grip for convenience during use in shower or cleaning
  • Battery Operated

Facial Massager

Facial Massager

Panasonic facial Massager are the best beauty care product for every lady.

Let's explore the technical specification of EH- SP30

• Luxurious facial massage
• Washable
• 3 Speed setting
• 1 hour full charge
• Cordless operation

What are the advantages?

  • Add glow to your face
  • Enjoy younger skin
  • Remove excess oil from face
  • Deeply remove impurity from face
  • Remove dark spots

Friday, 29 November 2013

Hair Styler

Hair Styler

Panasonic hair styler is the best hair styler that helps to set your hair that completely suit your style. Now you can experiment different types of hair style using Panasonic hair styler.

Technical specification of EH-KA22

• Compact Design: Slim body for easy grip & handling
• 2 Attachments: Nozzle, Roller Brush
• Quick blow drying
• 360° swivel cord
• 2 mode selections
• Cord Length (Meters): 1.8 m

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Pore Cleanser

Pore Cleanser

Enjoy Panasonic Pore cleanser to remove black and white heads quickly. This one is completely water proof and easy to operate by anyone. It helps to completely remove the dust and excess oil from your face.

Technical specification of Pore cleanser EH2513

  • Removal of White Heads and Black Heads
  • Mist Function
  • Water Proof

Advantages of EH2513

  • Remove all impurity from your face
  • Helps to control excessive oil
  • Complete eradicating white and black heads
  • You can also use it during shower
  • Add glow to your skin

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Hair straightener

Hair straightener

Now experiment different style of hairs using Panasonic hair straightener. You can set it to different temperature and get a quick result to your hair. Not like other hair straightener Panasonic hair straightener is safe to use and also offer positive result.Panasonic seems to be the best hair care products manufacturer with more advance features and specification.

Now lets explore the technical specification EH-HW18

• Advanced Photo Ceramic Coating Plate
• 5 Temperature Settings
• Straighter cum Curler
• Safe & Easy To Use

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Hair Dryers

Hair Dryer

Dry your hair with Panasonic hair dryer. Panasonic offers wide range of hair dryers with different capacity and specification. Its a known brand for manufacturing almost all types of beauty care products.

Technical specification of Hair Dryer: -

  • 1500W
  • Silent operation (49dB)
  • Healthy Mode (50°C)
  • Fordable Handle
  • 3-Level Speed Selection
  • Cool Air Selection

Facial Steamer

Panasonic Facial Streamer

Panasonic facial streamer are the best streamer for every types of skin. This not only remove white and black heads from your face but it also add glow to your skin. Try it and experience the difference.

Why are the advantages Panasonic  EH-2424 facial streamer offers: -

• Nano care Facial Ionic Steamer
• Generates ultra fine Nano particle steam
  1/8000 of an ordinary steam
• Suitable for all skin type
• Small and portable design



Enjoy Panasonic new range of Epilator with more advance features.

The Most famous epilator among female is ES-WU41 because of following reason: -

• Improved Epilation System With Wide & Efficient Tweezers
• 30% Faster Rotation Disk
• Compact and light weight body
• 3 attachments for legs/arms, underarms & bikini lines
• Dry Type
• Corded usage


  Panasonic Beard Trimmer

Panasonic offers wide range of hair and beard trimmers. Panasonic beard trimmer seems to be the best option for setting your beard to different level. Now experiment different look with Panasonic beard trimmer.

Advance Features and Functionality that makes it more popular among user: -

• Acute 45° Sharp Blade for precision cutting
• 0.5mm Cutting Intervals (1mm - 10mm in 20 steps)
• Easy Cleaning
• Washable
• Rechargeable Type
• 50min. use in 8 Hours Charge

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Electric shaver

Panasonic electric shaver seems to be the best electric shaver for all types of face and offering smooth and clean shaving. Easy to use and highly durable shaver.

Why Panasonic electric shaver is best shaver?

3-Blade Wet/Dry Shaver

• Special Milano Italian design created for style and ergonomic function
• Curved foil surface fits close to skin without effort to reduce stubble
• 3-blade cutting system with Nano-edge blades for a clean, Sharpe & close shave
• Wet & dry technology for wet shaving with any gel or foam
• Safety Razor-Like Ergonomic Design
• Ultra compact charging and storage stand
• 30min. use in 8 Hours Charge
• Pop up trimmer

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