Thursday, 17 April 2014

Efficient Use of Hair Straightener

Efficient Use of Hair Straightener

There are wide range of hair straightener available in the market. To observe better effect on our hair first we need to choose the best hair straightener. Now how we can choose the best one if we have the lots of choice in the market. The bet one must have following features: -

1. It must have different heating levels that helps you to set the temperature according to your requirement.
2. Compact in size and easy to carry.
3. Ceramic Coating protect your hair from damage and helps you to enjoy better straight and curler hair.

Now how to make optimum use of straightener?

1. First you need to shampoo your hair to make it neat and clean. After that dry it using hair dryer or by using towel you can dry it.
2. Use gel or hair emulsions to protect your hair from burning and excessive temperature of straightener.
3. Star using hair straightener. Before start using it, you need to explore the manual and direction of use.

To completely suite the need Panasonic manufactures best range of hair styling products i.e EH-HW18, EH-HS70 and EH-HW17. This helps you to experience the best straight or curly hair.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hair Styler

Hair Care with Hair Styler

Hair Styler is one of the most popular among lady. They are using it to try different hair style that perfectly match their personality. Wide range of hair styling products are available in the market but Panasonic is one of the best that offers best range of hair styler with advance features. Its having 6 attachment and 2 hair clip that helps you to experiment numerous hair style.

Let's explore in detail what Panasonic hair styler EH-KA81 offers:-
1. Volume Lifter
2. Blow brush with small comb
3. Silent 59dB Operation

Attachments with Hair Styler: -

1. New Tension Blow Brush
2. Roller Brush
3. Slim Roller Brush
4. Air Iron
5. Volume Lifter
6. Nozzle
7. 2 Hair Clip