Thursday, 27 February 2014

Significance of Facial Massage

Significance of Facial Massage

Face massager and facial roller are compare to be most essential beauty care products that helps you to stay wrinkle free and younger. It offers numerous advantages.

  • So how does this special face massager help you solve your worries? The machine is devised in such a manner that it kills off the dead layer of epidermis and replaces it with a fresh one.
  • It helps you regain the lost elasticity, collagen, to get rid of wrinkles and to lift your skin

    altogether to a new level. 
  • The facial roller is best suited for use for the skin around the eyes- this tends to be a sensitive region and tends to be among the first places which start wrinkling. The roller redefines the overall skin tone and gives a fresh look to the person. 
  • It also helps in absorbing unnecessary moisture and utilizes the power cells to supply the skin with energy- the result is a glowing, stainless skin.
  • It further also helps in the stimulation of blood which in itself helps in the reduction of acne. The pores are minimized and aging spots and freckles are combated to the best.
  • Also, the facial rollers ensure that the body reacts naturally and relieves the torture of wrinkling and aging: the ultrasonic waves as well as the tri-colored wavelengths are the boosting factors for the performance of the facial roller.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Best Makeup and Hair Care

Best Makeup and Hair Care

Everyone wants to looks beautiful and magnetic. So, we are trying various beauty care or skin care products. Not only women but men are also too possessive for their looks and to have magnetic look they are experimenting with their trimmer and shaver.

Explore one the best video that helps you to give special care to your hair and face.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Nail Care & Nail Art

Nail Care & Nail Art

Best way to make you nail attractive and magnetic by using basic tips. This helps you to get the best nail at home. By using step by step guide you can make your nail more attractive and beautiful that completely suit your nail need.

Explore below video to get detail knowledge to make your nail look good and better.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Best Guide Relating to Skin Care Products

Best Guide Relating to Skin Care Products

Physical beauty is not about artificiality at all. Contrary to popular belief, a person’s outlook is the representation and an expression of who they are. Using beauty care products is not the same as wearing make-up. It has to do with starting from prevention of deterioration to improving the health of your skin as well as hair. This has become common among the masses and using beauty products in India is no more a taboo. However, the customers today do face the problem of deciding upon which beauty products or body care products to buy!

Tips and Tricks

  1. The simple tip is to know! Being self aware is the first step in order to ensure that you decide upon the appropriate beauty product. The world today gives a wide range of products. This is because products are being designed based on specified needs. People may believe this way they have to buy more products, this however, is not true.
  2. Specified products mean you will get an intensive care and specified cures. But in order to find out exactly which brands to go for, in that their beauty care products will provide what they claim to, you must familiarize yourself with trends in body care products as well as the technologies and new developments in research.
  3. An important thing is to know the key/active ingredients and go for products that have a suitable active ingredient. Such knowledge allows you to decide whether a products’ claim will work well for you with seasonal considerations for your specific, for example, skin type as the products are made for a generalized situation.
  4. A very important part of differentiating between different beauty products in India is to know whether or not the product has natural ingredients. Products with natural ingredients are popular in cultures like ours, where there has been a trend since decades, of using homemade skin care and solutions. Natural products do not produce very fast results as do other products. Nevertheless, these products have a less chance of causing side effects to the user. Users may sometimes be adventurous or may simply are in a hurry to achieve some results. In that case going for products that do not claim to have natural ingredients can be used.

Knowing your product brands is very important. Their ratings, the years of service, etc. is very important. One brand has certain qualities while another will have other strengths. Ultimately, however, it’s all about the user! However, beauty gadgets made by Panasonic are some of the best you will come across.

Beauty Care Products and Its Significance in Daily Life

Beauty Care Products and Its Significance in Daily Life

There are many beauty products which have been introduced by a plethora of different companies. These beauty care products are of different prices, but you cannot try them all because some of these are not good enough when it comes to proper functioning. Many of the beauty products offered by Panasonic are considered to be great both in terms of function and cost. You will be surprised once you see prices of the beauty products in India and then see the efficiency with which these work. Given below is a list of beauty products by Panasonic:

1.    Heated Eyelash Curler

The Panasonic eyelash curler is a great gadget. You can have your eyelashes curled for a really long time without any sort of extensions or mascara applied. It gives your eyelashes a 360 degree curve with the help of many brushes and the comb which curves them. You get voluminous and long eyelashes without the use of any artificial product.

2.    Precision Body Shaver

Panasonic body shaver has proved to be a great companion for all those women who need a finishing before they get out of their houses. This gadget has many extremely thin blades along with a rotating head which provides a very close shave on all parts of the body and also it makes sure that there are no cuts left on your body afterwards. This gadget is designed in a way that you can use it without water. You must have this precision body shaver if you want smooth skin.

3.    Hair Trimmer for your Face:

The hair trimmer for face is all you need if you have the problem of facial hair. These hair grow on your face very quickly and you might need to trim them every day. You need not worry with this particular gadget in your life. It will help you get smooth and clean skin in no time.With this device you can even get rid of the annoying hair on your eyebrows and your upper lips. With the facial hair trimmer you no longer have to worry about getting a close up as you will be ready all the time.

These beauty care products by Panasonic are quite cheap. They are quite affordable and they can also be very helpful. As they are portable and have no weight so you can take them with you can look beautiful whenever you want to.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Face Massage for Completely Glowing and Beautiful Skin

Face Massage for Completely Glowing and Beautiful Skin

glowing skin

Getting old can be really disturbing for a lot of people. For some, their youth might be the only propelling factor in their lives and hence to retain it might be somewhat of a crisis situation. So what can be done in this kind of a situation? How does one combat the aging factor in one's life? How does one stay immortally young? Many might say that this is quite impossible but the face massager suggests otherwise! You need not worry about those wrinkles surrounding your face anymore, because the facial roller is coming to your rescue!

Specialty of The Face Massager

So how does this special face massager help you solve your worries? The machine is devised in such a manner that it kills off the dead layer of epidermis and replaces it with a fresh one. It helps you regain the lost elasticity, collagen, to get rid of wrinkles and to lift your skin altogether to a new level. Most importantly, the facial roller is best suited for use for the skin around the eyes- this tends to be a sensitive region and tends to be among the first places which start wrinkling. The roller redefines the overall skin tone and gives a fresh look to the person. It also helps in absorbing unnecessary moisture and utilizes the power cells to supply the skin with energy- the result is a glowing, stainless skin. It further also helps in the stimulation of blood which in itself helps in the reduction of acne. The pores are minimized and aging spots and freckles are combated to the best.

Also, the facial rollers ensure that the body reacts naturally and relieves the torture of wrinkling and aging: the ultrasonic waves as well as the tri-colored wavelengths are the boosting factors for the performance of the facial roller.

How It Works

The blue light in the facial roller is meant to penetrate deeper into the skin- around 0.5mm into the skin. This is an effective solution to the acne, spots and rashes on the skin. This light also reduces the wrinkles by tightening the skin. The red light, on the other hand, penetrates a good 8-10 mm into the skin and is good enough for use around the eye. The green light is more of the soothing effect; it helps in relieving the pain caused by the fatal facial roller and helps you to freshen up.
So, if age is what worries you, go for the facial roller now! Try Panasonic for the best results.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Important Consideration Relating to Electric Shaver

Some Important Factors to Be Considered:


1.    The first important thing, which must be looked for while buying the ladies shaver, is that you must purchase the shavers that are built or you. Do not purchase a men’s shaver ever as they have more powerful motors and can damage your skin as well.

2.    A good lady shaver contains a head mounting system, which has an ability to contour to the body shape. They must also consider the handle of the shaver i.e. they must be easy to be gripped.

3.    An ideal body shaver for women must have the ability of built in recharging. It must also save the battery of the shaver when it is not in use by the user. Try not buying the body shavers, which requires disposable batteries to work.

4.    A good body shaver for women contains LED indicator, which provides the user with the indication of the battery when it gets fully charged. Also, it will be good if you find a quick chargeable shaver, so that it gets charged up in a short period of time.

5.    Buy those women shavers, which take minimum time for shaving. A shaver, which shaves up in 30 to 40 minutes, is the perfect one for ladies.
electric shaver

6.    Buy wet/dry shavers, so that you can use them in the presence of water and can do it without water as well. Wet/dry shavers are the best among the entire body shaver for ladies.

7.    Hypoallergenic body shavers must be used. They must work out on all kinds of skins and are workable on sensitive skin as well. They must be prone to allergies.

8.    They must be light weighted and portable so that it becomes easy for you to carry it along anywhere you go.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Hair Straightener Buying Tips

Hair Straightener Buying Tips

There exist many hair styler equipment in the market now, but one of the most sought out and used product is the hair straightener and rightly so. It is almost considered a magic machine that was invented and made the lives of all those people so much more easier who had frizzy or unmanageable hair. However when it comes to purchasing a hair straightener, it seems like an easy task, but there are things to consider, and most importantly for many people who do not know much about hair straighteners it is important to keep certain things in mind, so they choose the best product.
Panasonic Hair Straightener


One of the first factors to consider when choosing a hair straightener is the price. There are a wide variety of hair straighteners in the market that range from being very expensive, to moderate to cheap. The higher the price you pay, the more you are likely to purchase a good quality product, and for many people the quality is what matters. So if you feel like you are willing to buy an expensive hair straightener that will have a longer life span and will maintaining its quality, go right ahead, as it would serve as a good investment for your future. And for those who are just focused on the present and only interested in getting their purpose served for the time being, an inexpensive hair straightener would work fine that won’t last that long, but there are many such hair straighteners that not only provide affordability but also quality, such as Panasonic.


One of the most important factors which isn’t taken into account by many, is the weight of the hair straightener plays a crucial role. If you have long heavy thick hair, or hair that is very curly, it is important to choose a straightener that is not that heavy, as it will take longer for you to straight your hair, and the heavier the straightener the more uncomfortable you’re bound to get, with pains and aches in your arm and hand. So choose a straightener that is light.

Features of the Best Hair Straightener

Features of the Best Hair Straightener

Features of the straightener that is, the width size of the plate, heating time, extension cords, or the extra accessories it provides, are important to note.

First of all, the plate should be at least 1.5 inches, but would vary considering the length and texture of your hair. What type of plate you should consider getting is an entirely personal choice, but the most recommended one is the ceramic plate.

The heating time of the machine is also an important feature of some, as people leading busy lives nowadays don’t want to wait for the straightener to heat up for longer than a couple of minutes, and consider efficiency their top priority. Also many want their hair straightener to be more than just that, so they wish to purchase one that comes with a curling attachment etc, so it can be more of a hair styler then just a straightener.

So for each person, the requirements of what kind of hair straightener to buy would differ, but for most people the factors listed above are the most important and so many go for a Panasonic hair straightener as it is not just affordable, but also fits most of the requirements of the people.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

How To Make Perfect use of Hair Dryers

How To Make Perfect use of Hair Dryers

You’ve probably read everywhere that hair stylist only use a hairbrush and a hair dryer to style your hair. Well it is not a rumor, it is true. In fact it is the most effective form of hair styling because these tools are the best when it comes to styling hair. Why? Because the cool air gives the hair exactly what it needs to set and you set it using a hair dryer.

Most people would think that using a curling iron is a much better option for styling your hair. You get the perfect attractive curls you want and you don’t even necessarily need a hair brush to get that done. Here’s why this is not as effective as a hair dryer.

Panasonic hair dryers are the best hair dryers because they are high powered with blowers that really touch the roots of your hair. No curling iron can do that without burning your scalp. Even with a hair dryer you can only allow minimum contact because it may damage or burn the hair but it can still be done safely. This allows you to use the hair brush with the hair dryer and give it a completely new style. You cannot do this with any other styling tool. Not even a hot iron can manage to do this.

Another reason why you should use a hair dryer is because hair dryers give the hair a complete bounce and lift. By blow drying your hair with your head upside down you give your hair roots direct contact with the cool air that lifts them up to give you the perfect natural look.

Finally the most important benefit of styling your hair with a hair dryer is that you get flexibility in styling your hair. You can do remarkable things in half the time it would take with styling mouse. This is because you get to use different kinds of brushes with your hair dryer you can use a twirl brush, a thin brush or a curl brush. Any of those combined with the cooling blow of the hair dryer, fixes your hair in place in minutes.

There is another kind of hair dryer these days called Ion hair dryer. It has an Ion Generator that styles your hair with air that completely hydrates your hair. This gives you an additional befit of soft and shiny hair. So whenever you go out to buy a hair dryer, make sure it fulfills all your requirements. Panasonic is a great company that produces long lasting appliances.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Types of Electric Shaver & Specification

Types of Electric Shaver & Specification

We all have this growing trend of using Electric shavers instead of razor blades for our morning shaves. Why shouldn’t we. It is so much more convenient and much less painful than traditional shaving. You can carry an electric shaver or a beard trimmer in your pocket, in your bag and tidy up a bit before important business meetings or while leaving for a date from the office. You don’t have to spend on extra toiletries like after shaves, shaving foams and razors. Plus Beard trimmers allow men to style their beards in various fashions, whatever suits them best. Some men don’t like a clean shave and instead like to leave a short layer of manly hair on them.

Foil Blades
This is one of the best beard trimmers you can get. In fact Foil blades are mainly used for trimming purposes. They have either one or two heads that are designed to glide through the surface of the skin and chop off any hair that they go through, doing this all hair contours are then trimmed off.  The foil razors are made of metal material like stainless steel, titanium and platinum. They are usually very thin in order to give the user an excellent and smooth shaving experience. It should be remembered that these trimmers vary in result as the quality of shave from foil blades depend on the thinness of distance between the two heads.

Rotary Blades

shaver for men
These blades are slightly different. They tend to be simpler and quieter than Rotary blades. These shavers have three to four heads and is designed in a way that when you use it, it lifts the facial skin a bit so that when the skin is rolled up, it may remove facial hair from below the skin, making it an effective way of shaving and gives just as good a result as traditional razor shave.
So it quiet easy to choose the kind of shaver you need. Luckily you get both kinds of blades in Panasonic electric shavers, which are also one of the best beard trimmers.

Beard Style for Impressive Look

Beard Style for Impressive Look

Keeping your beard in style with the upcoming trends in addition to what suits your face is one of the most important aspects of the way a man looks, and can also go on and define his personality. It can change the way you look at yourself even. Styling a beard is not a very hard task, especially if you own a beard trimmer. You don’t need to necessarily use an electric shaver to acquire a beard style you desire, or go to a professional every time you want to change your beard style. Many styles are now possible by using a beard trimmer, such as the Panasonic beard trimmer.

Poet's Beard

poet beard

This kind of beard is basically small stubble of hair on the chin, and nowhere else on the face.
To get this look, first check if you have any whiskers on your face. If you do, trim the hair off using a beard trimmer. Now with the help of a precision trimmer you sculpt hair, right on to the tip of the chin, making it taper back onto your neck. Clean shave your upper lips, cheeks and neck. And you have a Poet’s beard.


Brett Beard

brett beard
Start off again by trimming your beard, leaving the hair above your lips, your whiskers that is long along your chin and beneath the lower lip. By using a precision trimmer, create an outline of the Chinstrap. Remember to trim your side burns, and leave the hair in the middle of the lower lip intact. Using an electric shaver or razor, shave off your cheeks, upper lip and neck.



Circle Beard

circle beard
This is a mixture of both a mustache and a light beard on your chin only. To achieve this look, you need to trim your facial hair all round, and then with a precision trimmer draw a rounded shape, that goes around your mouth to your chin. Trim the ends of your mustache so it’s blended in the goatee.  Shave off the excess, but remember to trim your mustache and beard time to time to maintain the look.




Beard Trimmer
A very simple yet defining look, this also begins with first trimming the entire beard so it is even. Once it is, shave off the mustache and by using a trimmer, trim off the line from one ear to another, along your jaw line. Shave off the excess from your neck and cheeks. This can easily overgrow, so constant trimming is required.





Soul Patch

beard trimmer for men

The easiest look is this one. First trim off all the facial hair except your soul patch. Using a trimmer, trim your hair from the chin, until only just a bunch of hair are left under your bottom lip. Make the edges tidy by using a shaver.






trimmer for men

Using a trimmer first trim your upper lip to a defined length, then trim off excess hair near your chin by moving against the hair flow, and make a triangular or rectangular sort of outline around your lower lip and chin, carefully creating your goatee.



  Anchor Beard

Anchor Beard
Trim hair all around your mouth using a beard trimmer, preferably a Panasonic beard trimmer, giving special attention to the chin and the mouth. Now by using a precision trimmer, create a clean cut border around the place, where your chin and neck meet. Draw the edge of the goatee, three inches from each side of the chin. Now to define the upper ends of your goatee, shape the mustache linking the chin and bottom lip in a shape that is rectangle.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Best Solution for Dry Skin

Best Solution for Dry Skin

Skin care is becoming increasingly important with the changing climate, environmental issues such as pollution and the depleting nutrients in our food. Companies that make beauty care products and body care products have been working to fight these affects so that people can retain their natural state of beauty. Beauty products come in many varieties and for a variety of different parts. Skin care issues leading to beauty products in India have become extremely popular.

With the coming of winters, dryness of skin becomes very common. As beauty care products these days not only provide remedy for dryness, but a remedy for dryness for varied skin types. Dryness of skin means a lack of the skin’s water content owing to the very low humidity conditions in winters. So the basic requirements of dry skin have to do with moisturizing the skin and keeping it from losing this moisture.
skin care
The first and foremost requirement of any skin related treatment requires cleansing of the skin. A beauty product for this purpose is simply called a cleanser. A cleanser apart from removing makeup from the face is also used to loosen up the dirt and other impurities that are clogging the pores of your skin and removes them. Cleansing is advised to be done at the end of the day so the skin breathes well after the removal of all things unnecessary, while we sleep.

Weekly exfoliating your skin is another very important treatment for healthy skin. Exfoliating skin, particularly when it is dry not only removes the dead dry cells but also helps in increasing the blood flow in vessels under the skin allowing the production of newer, healthier cells. The beauty care products that can be used for exfoliating are known as scrubs. They come in natural and unnatural varieties and may have bigger or smaller granules suitable for varied skin types. 

face massager

Last but not the least, moisturize your skin. This requires a suitable moisturizer. The strength and oil content to retain moisture in your skin varies from the degree of dryness of your skin as well as the climatic conditions that you live in. Also, your skin tells you how much and how frequently it needs to be moisturized. An average daily use limit may be provided on the products, on instruction on body care products and beauty products in India.

Beauty products must be chosen carefully and intelligently, for which awareness and good research is required! Even when buying electronics that you use on your skin, like a shaver, etc. good research is required. Go for Panasonic or such high rated companies to get good stuff.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tips to Using Ladies Shaver

Tips to Using Ladies Shaver

electric shaver
Panasonic Shaver

Here are some rules you should bear in mind when you decide to use a women shaver:

•    Make use of moisturizers and soaps when using the shavers for women.  A majority of the electric shavers doesn’t require the use of water and hence may result in dried skins if you don’t use any moisturizers.

•    Before starting off with the shaving process, rub your hands on the part of the body to be shaved. This will help you get the hair of the particular area in the right direction and thus will cause lesser pain when you shave the hair

•    Begin the process by putting your women shaver straight on your area of concern. Turn it up and down according to the direction of the hair. Because the direction of the hair may not be the same all over the body, you may need to switch the movement of the shavers for women in order to attain optimal results

•    After you are done with shaving, feel the area that you shaved to check if there are any remains of hair left over- if there is any hair left over, you should be able to feel it prickle your hands. There may be instances where small bits of hair are left over- go back to these areas and take another go at the shaving so as to get a smoother look and feel to the skin

•    The last step is to use the moisturizer again- this will  help your skin get a better feel and will prevent it from looking dead and scaly, with cracks in between. So if you really want your hairless skin to look beautiful, make sure you don’t neglect this step as it gives the much needed finishing to the skin

So, treat your skin well and get good results as a return too! Looking beautiful is something that comes naturally but maintaining that beauty is in your own hands- you can’t just let your beauty flow away like that- you’ve got to be extra careful ladies! So go for Panasonic ladies shaver because it is reliable and durable.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Facial Steamer - The Best Beauty Product

Complete Information about Facial Steamer


What Is the Advantage of Using the Facial Steamer?

facial steamerThe steamer for the face is useful because of the following advantages it has to offer:
•    It is alcohol free
•    It is soap free
•    It is oil free
•    It does not have 
     any artificial fragrances 
•    It minimizes the risks of allergies
•    It is non-comedogenic

The Procedure of the Facial Steamer

 The biggest benefit that this steamer offers to users is that it is an anti-aging, purely natural solution to the problems of the skin.  It moisturizes your skin and makes it smoother. A great majority of the users reported an improvement within a week or a month in their skin textures they actually felt very young when they used the steamer on their skins.

Moreover, the Ionic steamer by Panasonic is clinically approved and tested which kind of makes it safe to use and the Panasonic name says it all- reliability at its best! Also, the product is said to give noticeable and good results to the users within 4 weeks and it also decreases the lines of usage on the face after about 14 days.

face care

The facial steamer basically works in a manner that emits the steam that contains high contents of iconic steam. These contents are about 4000 times more effective as compared to the more regular particles which make it easier for the skin to absorb these particles and react positively with them. The result is excellent as compared to other forms of skin care as the skin is relieved of all the kinds of dirt that are otherwise stored in its pores or deeper tissues of the skin.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Tips on Using Beauty Care Products

Tips on Using Beauty Care Products

Every woman desires to look beautiful and attractive. Some women have their own natural beauty while some require artificial beauty products to maintain their skin and facial beauty. Makeup if expertly applied can do wonders for your personality no matter what you look like. So, it is very important to know how to use the beauty products to provide yourself with an exceptional outlook.
Beauty Care Products

The beauty care products must be used in a perfect order. If you do not do so, they sometimes draw some negative effects on your skin. Here are some tips which must be considered by women before using the beauty care products:

•    Makeup remover must be used in the mornings. It removes the entire sweat and other traces of the night cream you usually use at night. In order to give your day a new start, makeup removers are the must.
•    Use a good scrub to remove all kinds of dust and dirt particles from your skin. Do not rub it roughly over your skin. Gently rub it on your skin to make it smooth and residual free.
•    Do not use foundation if you are a teenager. Just remove your marks and dark circles (if you have) with the help of a concealed. A foundation masks your natural beauty and gives an artificial look to your fresh face.
•    How to use a concealed is another important tip. Never ever rub the concealed on your skin. Just pat it in your skin to hide your skin marks and traces.
•    Makeup is never an essential thing to apply before going out. If you are a teenager, then a simple lip gloss will give you a perfect and a natural outlook. While going out on parties and gatherings, use as less makeup as you can because nothing else is better than your existing natural beauty.
•    Purchase those skin care products which match your skin. You must be aware of the actual tone of your skin and must buy that concealed which does not give a complete fake look to your personality. Be wise while purchasing your beauty products as they are not cheap and you cannot afford to buy them daily.
•    The most important beauty care product which protects your skin is a sunscreen lotion. Do apply it regularly if you want to have a fresh and a safe skin. Don’t consider the weather; just apply it whenever you go out.
•    Maintain the shape of your nails as well. They require special attention as your hands and feet are exposed parts of your body. Keep them clean, apply decent nail paint and remove it when it starts chipping. Use a good nail remover to remove your oil paint.
Beauty Care

Beauty and body care products always enhance your outlook. They just need to be used with great care and effectiveness in order to get the most desirable results. Beauty products in India are used by a majority of the women out there. So are electronics that enhance your beauty. So, always go for a reputed brand like for electronics it is Panasonic.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Significance of Facial Steamer

Significance of Facial Steamer

Facial steamers are one of the most famous and essential beauty care product to overcome dead skin. This one seems to be perfect for everyone who is for a clearer skin. These are not only good for the skin, the steamer can also prove to be a relief for those looking for a solution to chest congestion and sinus. So let’s explore in detail the significance of such beauty care product.

Beauty care

Improved Circulation

It helps to improve the blood circulation. This improves the provision of nutrients, oxygen and other important needs of all parts of the body. It is more of a natural cosmetic that adds onto your beauty.

Deeper Cleansing

It can helps in deeper cleansing of your skin. You can help reduce the size of your pores by using a steamer. All you will have to do is to get hold of a towel and steam your face for around 15-20 minutes. After you have cleansed with the steam, wash your face with facial wash and get a clearer, smoother and better skin. You can also easily get rid of the blackheads on your face through the facial steamer. The steamer for the face is also an exit strategy for you to get rid of acne on your face. Basically, acne is the accumulation of all kinds of open pores with dead cells and dirt gathered in them. If you can open up these pores and get rid of them through facial steamers, you have a 101% chance of looking ever younger, ever fresher and ever clearer!