Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Skin Care Naturally

Skin Care Naturally

Skin is most sensitive part of our body and to keep is healthy and wrinkle free we need to take care of it in proper way. Skin impurities like dirt, oils and dead cells can enlarge the pore with impurity and create dark spots and various other issues. To remove such impurity you can use following natural treatment at home.

1. Make a facial paste by using baking soda and lemon juice. This is consider to be the best acne and pimple fighting paste. You can apply these paste on weekly basis. It offers numerous advantages:-

    a) Remove all bumbs and rough patches from your skin. Make skin more smooth and glowing.
    b) It can also improve skin town. By applying it regularly can improve your complexion to some 
    c) Consider to be best acne fighting treatment. It can reduce the chances of having acne and make your skin clean.

2. Massage your face using high moisturizing massage cream. High moisturizing massage cream can easily available in the market. Buy such cream and massage your face using finger or face massager. While choosing the face massager you need to go for reputed brand. Let's explore the advantages of massage:-

    a) It Improves blood circulation and also activate dead cells.
    b) Improve natural glow to your face.
    c) Deeply cleanse the skin.
    d) Remove all impurity.

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