Friday, 26 December 2014

Get Rid Of All Blackheads With Best Face Care Products

What are Blackheads?

Blackheads are small dark spots which are tiny and appear on the surface of the skin. They are the blocked pores that are filled with sebum and keratin or skin debris and some oily substance. They mainly occur on the face and nose as this part of the body is exposed to the environment the most. It’s a common problem among adolescents and especially those with quiet oily skin. There are many causes of blackheads like stress. Other reasons for blackheads are smoking and alcohol. Smoking is not just bad for your lungs, but also very bad for your skin.
Natural Tip to clear Blackheads

Follow these simple, natural tips and get your blackheads removed soon but gradually.

Tip 1

Tomatoes -  They have antiseptic properties and that’s naturally, which make the blackheads dry. You just have to take a small- sized tomato, peel it off, then mash it and apply it to your face before sleeping and leave it overnight. In the morning, rinse your face with cool water.

Tip 2

Lemon is another natural remedy for treating blackheads. First, you have to cleanse your face before applying the mixture. The mixture has to have lemon juice and salt stirred properly. Then keep it for at least fifteen minutes and then wash it.

Tip 3

Applying toothpaste to the blackheads and then keep it for at least twenty to twenty five minutes and then completely get rid of wash it with lukewarm water.

Tip 4

Honey also has a natural property to treat blackheads. It goes for the oily skin as well. Applying it on the affected part and then leaving it for twenty minutes can be really helpful.

Tip 5

Baking soda – Using this as another method of removing blackheads. You have to prepare a paste using baking soda and water and then apply it on the affected area for a few minutes and then rinse it off with warm water.

Tip 6

A mixture of Oatmeal and yoghurt is great for treating blackheads. Add two teaspoons of the oatmeal. Some yoghurt should also be added which is enough for making a good paste. Then a bit of lemon juice with olive oil should be added. Apply it and keep for around twenty minutes. Then, wash with warm water.

Other helpful techniques

Beauty care is wanted by almost every person today. This is done  either naturally or lots of beauty care products are used. One has to be really careful about the beauty care products, they are using. So one should go for the one having the natural ingredients.

Massaging  can prove really helpful to your skin when it comes to blackhead treatment. A face massager is worth spending on. It gives you a great massage with very less effort plus you can do it whenever you want. Skin care is really necessary for everyone,especially for women as their skin is softer than that of men.

Panasonic has introduced a wide range of face massager for your skin. It’s of great quality and affordable prices. Get it, you won’t regret it!

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