Friday, 14 February 2014

Types of Electric Shaver & Specification

Types of Electric Shaver & Specification

We all have this growing trend of using Electric shavers instead of razor blades for our morning shaves. Why shouldn’t we. It is so much more convenient and much less painful than traditional shaving. You can carry an electric shaver or a beard trimmer in your pocket, in your bag and tidy up a bit before important business meetings or while leaving for a date from the office. You don’t have to spend on extra toiletries like after shaves, shaving foams and razors. Plus Beard trimmers allow men to style their beards in various fashions, whatever suits them best. Some men don’t like a clean shave and instead like to leave a short layer of manly hair on them.

Foil Blades
This is one of the best beard trimmers you can get. In fact Foil blades are mainly used for trimming purposes. They have either one or two heads that are designed to glide through the surface of the skin and chop off any hair that they go through, doing this all hair contours are then trimmed off.  The foil razors are made of metal material like stainless steel, titanium and platinum. They are usually very thin in order to give the user an excellent and smooth shaving experience. It should be remembered that these trimmers vary in result as the quality of shave from foil blades depend on the thinness of distance between the two heads.

Rotary Blades

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These blades are slightly different. They tend to be simpler and quieter than Rotary blades. These shavers have three to four heads and is designed in a way that when you use it, it lifts the facial skin a bit so that when the skin is rolled up, it may remove facial hair from below the skin, making it an effective way of shaving and gives just as good a result as traditional razor shave.
So it quiet easy to choose the kind of shaver you need. Luckily you get both kinds of blades in Panasonic electric shavers, which are also one of the best beard trimmers.

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