Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tips to Using Ladies Shaver

Tips to Using Ladies Shaver

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Here are some rules you should bear in mind when you decide to use a women shaver:

•    Make use of moisturizers and soaps when using the shavers for women.  A majority of the electric shavers doesn’t require the use of water and hence may result in dried skins if you don’t use any moisturizers.

•    Before starting off with the shaving process, rub your hands on the part of the body to be shaved. This will help you get the hair of the particular area in the right direction and thus will cause lesser pain when you shave the hair

•    Begin the process by putting your women shaver straight on your area of concern. Turn it up and down according to the direction of the hair. Because the direction of the hair may not be the same all over the body, you may need to switch the movement of the shavers for women in order to attain optimal results

•    After you are done with shaving, feel the area that you shaved to check if there are any remains of hair left over- if there is any hair left over, you should be able to feel it prickle your hands. There may be instances where small bits of hair are left over- go back to these areas and take another go at the shaving so as to get a smoother look and feel to the skin

•    The last step is to use the moisturizer again- this will  help your skin get a better feel and will prevent it from looking dead and scaly, with cracks in between. So if you really want your hairless skin to look beautiful, make sure you don’t neglect this step as it gives the much needed finishing to the skin

So, treat your skin well and get good results as a return too! Looking beautiful is something that comes naturally but maintaining that beauty is in your own hands- you can’t just let your beauty flow away like that- you’ve got to be extra careful ladies! So go for Panasonic ladies shaver because it is reliable and durable.

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