Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Best Beauty Tips

Simple and best beauty treatment for everyone

Everyone wants to have glowing beauty that attract everyone and for this people use to spend lots of products on beauty care or skin care products.Some prefer to visit parlor or beauty salon. Now you can enjoy better beauty at home by following some simple tips. You don't need to visit parlors and salon.

1. To cool your eye use cucumber slice. This is one of the best techniques to cool your eyes. You can also put drop of rose water into your eyes to make it better clean. Before sleeping put rose water into your eyes on daily basis. This helps you to clean or refresh your eyes.
2. To over come lips dryness use honey or butter milk on every alternate days. By applying this mixture you can observe better lips.
3. To remove dark spot completely from your face use facial steamer. Steam helps to deeply cleanse your face and make your skin completely glowing. Use it on weekly basis.
4. Those who are having pore on a face can use pore cleanser. Pore cleanser seems to be perfect to remove black and white heads.
5. The best hair care tips is to massage your hair with olive oil. Olive oil helps you maintain your hair in proper condition.

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