Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Best Hair Care Tips

Best Hair Care Tips

hair is one of the most important part of our body. This plays very important role to one personality. A men with hair looks perfect in comparison to other who don't have. Even for girls hair plays more important role in building personality.

Today i am going to share the best hair care tips.

  • How to clean hair: - Before cleaning or shampoo your hair make sure your hair is perfectly wet. Put the shampoo in your palms first and rub it then apply it on your hair. Lether for around 30-40 second. After shampoo rinse your hair with cool water.
  • Dry your hair with best hair dryer not the ordinary one. By best i mean that offer better solution to your hair.If you don't have hair dryer then use towel for drying.
  • Massage:- Massage your head with olive oil. Massage in such a way that pass oil to the head scalp. Massage your head for 10-20 minutes with soft hand. Do this on weekly basis. This helps to over come hair fall, dandruff problem.
  • If you want to enjoy better and unique hair style you can choose best hair styler. This helps you to experiment different hair style and choose the one that perfectly suite your style.
  • If you want wet hair you can use gel. This gives your hair completely wet affect.
  • The growth of hair also depends on your diet. So always take a balance diet.

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