Monday, 24 March 2014

Hair Care Tips for Dry Hair

Hair Care Tips for Dry Hair

Everyone one have different types of hair like dry hair, silk hair and ruff hair. To make our hair healthy we need to take special care. Today i am going to discuss the best tips for dry hair. This seems to be perfect if you follow it as per specified step by step guide.

1. Choose those shampoo that are only for dry hair. Such shampoo helps to retain the moisture to your hair. Also make sure that the shampoo must have low pH. If you are using conditioner than make sure that its having low pH. You can use conditioner twice a week. Before applying it on your hair, put it on your palm and spread it and then use with your hand on hair.
2. Always use normal water to wash your hair. Warm water can damage you hair completely. Shampoo it for 1 minutes, let the lather generate.
3. Soak it with Towel or use hair dryer.
4. After drying hair massage your head with oil for 10-15 minutes. Massage with soft hand.

These tips are really useful that gives best result to your hair and you can experiment different hair style using hair styling products.

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