Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Beauty Tips for Skin and Health

Beauty Tips for Skin and Health

To look magnetic and beautiful we are using wide range of beauty care and skin care products. But it’s really difficult to make proper selection of best products that should be good to our skin and health. Most of such item contains chemical and oil that can damage our skin tissues. So its compulsory for everyone to make proper selection. You can follow some simple tips in your life and also try to implement it on daily basis. This helps you to fight skin problem and glow like a star.

Most Useful Skin Care Tips: -

1.    Protect Skin from sun: - More expose to the sun light can cause aging, dark skin and dark spot. Always protect your skin from sun ultra violet light by using SUNS CREAM with high SPF. Such creams are active for 3-4 hours to make proper use of it.

2.    Drink Water: - Drink lots of water on daily basis. That helps to make your skin more glowing.

3.   Facial Steamer: - Use Facial Steamer to clean all your face impurity. On a weekly basis use facial steamer.

4.    Face Massager: - Choose the cream that perfectly suit your skin and massage your face with best massager in a gentle way. This helps you to completely removing dark spots from face.

5.    Food: - The most important is to take balance diet by taking lots of fruits and green vegetables. Avoid eating junk food. Junk food can cause acne.

6.    Avoid Chemicals: - Avoid using chemical use on face this can permanently damage your face. Choose the one the suit the need of your face requirement.

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