Friday, 5 September 2014

Guide on Hair Straightening

Perfect Guide on Hair Straightening

During last few years there are numerous hair style emerge but the straight hair always remain in fashion from last many decades. There are various reasons for straight hair popularity. The most important benefits is that it easy to manage. Wide range of option available in the market that helps you to enjoy straight and shinny hair.

Now we going to discuss the best hair straightening techniques using hair straightener. There are wide rang of hair straightener available in the market, always choose the best branded hair straightener. The branded one offers better care to your hair.

permanent hair straightening

As per different types of hair we suggest the perfect temperature setting.

1. In following situation you should set the straightener to 160 degree Celsius to 170 degree Celsius. This helps to give better and smooth result to your hair.
   a) If you have fine hair?
   b) Do you bleach or color your hair regularly?

2. For those who have healthy and strong hair can set the hair straightener to 190 degree Celsius. The strong hair need some more heating temperature to get the require result.

3. For those who have thick and highly curly hair, can set the hair straightener to 220 degree Celsius. The more high the temperature the better will be the result.

Panasonic offering best hair straightener with following features:-
1. Photo ceramic costing
2. Easy temperature selection

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