Thursday, 18 September 2014

Nail Care Tips

Ultimate Nail Care

Every lady wants to have beautiful nail that attract everyone. To have beautiful nails they are using nail polish, nail arts and nail care products. There are wide range of nail enhancement products available in the market. Panasonic introduces the best nail care products that can offer ultimate care to your nail at home only. You don't need to go to parlor and beauty salon. Anybody can use it. Its a one time investment that can save hundreds of rupees.

ultimate nail care

What special Panasonic Nail Care offers?

It contains four attachment that gives professional level care to your nails. Let's explore the attachment in detail.
  • Shaping file
  • Cuticle Care attachment
  • Buffer File
  • Polisher File


1. Scraping the gel
2. Grooming the cuticles
3. Buff the nail surface
4. Polish to a shine

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