Thursday, 4 September 2014

Shaving Machine Buyers Guide

Men Shaving Machine Buyer's Guide

The most popular option for shaving are razor and electric shaver. It depends on one comfort to choose the razor or electric shaver. As compare to shaver, razor cost less but in terms of life electric shaver can last for few years if you take proper care. Razor available in very low cost ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs.500 where as electric shaver cost range from Rs.2,000 to Rs.10,000.

Now we going to discuss the different types of electric shaver for men.

1. Foil Shavers :- Foil shaver having thin layer of metal that covers the blades and offer comfortable shaving to sensitive skin. It capture the hair from skin surface and cutting it close to the skin. As compare to other electric shaver it offer clean shaver. It works perfect for everyone who wants to shave on daily basis.

foil shaver

2. Rotary Shavers : - Rotary shavers works in a revolving or spinning way. It works in a circular motion to cut the hair effectively. As compare to foil it easy to use and can be efficiently operate on different area of the face.

Rotary shavers

It really difficult to choose the best. Now we will going to help you in choosing the right shaver that can completely meet out your shaving requirements:-

Choose Rotary Shaver in following situation:-

1. If you shave infrequently then this is the perfect option.
2. If you have thick or coarse hair, it works well to give proper clean touch.
3. If your beard hair grow in different directions.
4. This require less maintenance work. You don't need to clean it regularly.
5. Highly Durable and can work for many years if you have a trusted brand shaver.

Choose Foil Shaver in following situation: -

1. If you are looking for such shaver that you can use on daily basis than it a perfect option.
2. If you don't have hard and coarse hair than it work perfect. It works perfect on thin and straight hair.
3. It require more maintenance like you need to clean it after every single use.
4. If you have sensitive skin than it work good.
5. If you are looking for more close shave then this is the right shaver for you.

Hope this guide helps you in making the right decision in buying the shaving machine for men. So, don't wait just grab the right one.

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